Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Doctor's (Stillbirth Segment???)

I got an email on FB informing me that the tv show The Doctors are looking for topics to discuss on their show. One of those topics is stillbirth. Here is copy of the email that I received;

Dear Stillbirth Mommies & Friends,

The suggestion of Stillbirth Research & Education ha been submitted for a segment on the NBC program The Doctor’s.

Now we need your help!

The most popular segments are selected for production – please go to the website below and vote for this suggestion. Ask your friends to vote frequently and get the word out. This would be a tremendous opportunity to gain the awareness that we need. PLEASE put the voting information on your respective websites. Copy this message and send to everyone in your address books.

Go to: –
look for the following submission. It is categorized under Women’s Health.

Stillbirth – Stop the Madness!

You can vote once a day, and believe me I will be. I strongly feel that most of the population has no idea about stillbirth. I know I didn't. I really honestly thought that if we made it past the first trimester that we would be fine. I'm sorry to say that I was naive and boy did I find out the hard way. The more we can bring this topic to light then the higher the probability of more research being done. So little is known about the causes of stillbirth right now. Its sad that we can clone a human being and animal but we still know so little about the causes of miscarriages. Please help change this, Go Vote!

I was misinformed, you may only vote once on each topic. So even more important that we spread the word now. Its up to over 4000 votes right now, which is only a few hundred more than when I posted this, so please, if you havent voted yet, please use the link above and do so! I'll thank you in advance, THANK YOU!!!! ;P


Bree said...

That's awesome. I have thought about writing into this show so many times because they are always talking about stupid, superficial pregnancy stuff and never talk about pregnancy loss. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

喝酒 said...
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Bonnelle Pagel said...

I tried to go on but it said there was a server error... maybe LOTS of people are getting on to vote! I'll check back later on it. Thanks for posting this!!

Malory said...

Voted & also posted it on ELHAS FB page to help get some votes. I think I will also do a quick post. Thanks for letting us know!

Danielle said...

I will be voting! Maybe they should go a little further with a baby that was born alive (like Wyatt) but had to be listed as a stillborn because of a state's definition of live birth!

Holly said...

I hope that they talk about this!

Once A Mother said...

what a wonderful way to spread awareness... on a totally unrelated and sort of humorous (to me, at half past midnite) topic, my word verification letters to post this comment spell out hooker haha. I know, pretty sad that that makes me laugh, but usually they are just jumble letters so I think its pretty funny