Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bryston's Name Gallery


While I have a minute and a our computer is finally in my possession, I wanted to post some of the photo's that I have received so far. Each of them mean so much to me. Seeing his name written in all these unique ways and places makes me so happy. I plan on making a scrapbook of all the photos that I receive. Thank you all so much! If you would like to create a name photo, please do and email it to me at if you are able to. I get so excited opening my email and seeing his name in the subject box!

Danielle, Wyatt's mommy (Tennessee)

Candi (St. Joesph, MO)

From Mimi, Actress, Model, and Stunt Man(USA)

Chrissy (Shenandoah, IA)

Leanna, Nicholas's mommy (Ontario,Canada)

Bree, Ella's mommy (San Diego,CA)

Wendy (Halifax Harbor, Canada)

Holly, Carleigh's mommy (OHIO)

From Lisa, Noah's mommy

Kayte (Oregon)

Francesca,Jenna's mommy (USA)

Mike&Melissa Stoakes (Las Vegas, NV)

Mike&Melissa Stoaks (Atlanta, GA)

Marybeth, Quinn's mommy (Illinois)

Sarah (Australia)

The Heard Family (Huntsville, AL)

I took the following two photos

I also have another photo to add from Carly in Australia. She has written his name in the sand. I will add it as soon as I recieve the jpeg from her. Again a big Thank you to those of you who have sent in photos!

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.
In everything give thanks:
for this is the will of God.
— I. Thessalonians 5.16-18


He & Me + 3 said...

They are all beautiful Jennifer. Just beautiful. How awesome that you have all of these.

Jen said...

i just love it! :)

Brandi said...

Wow, those are beautiful! :)

Missing Kasey said...

Beautiful! He has touched people all around the world!

Akul's mama said...

A lovely name gallery. Remembering Bryston.

Once A Mother said...

Each one made me smile more and more. Such beautiful acts of love in honor of your little Bryston. Remembering him along with you and so many others

Christy said...

Those are really cool. I must say, there is *something* really warm about seeing your angel baby's name....and it's *their* name. I can imagine the feeling it must have given you to get those photos. Knowing he was thought of by those people when his name was written. Very cool--so happy for you to have this!

Just Breathe said...

Those are so thoughtful and beautiful. I will try to remember to get a photo to you.

Nan said...

Beautiful! He is so loved!!! I wish I had some garden flowers but they have all winterized....I promise next spring to do a flower for him xoxoxo Nan

Karen said...

So beautiful! When it's not raining here I'll try to get one to add for Bryston from beautiful BC. Not that rain can't be pretty.... He is so loved. And his mumma, too. said...

Aw, his Bryston's gallery is coming along beautifully!

Carly does such amazing work!!! I can't wait to see it!

Oh and I absolutely love the new look of your blog :)

Katie said...

Jennifer ~

All love all of the creative ways people are honoring Bryston. What a precious name.

Thinking of you so much.

Holly said...

I've been thinking of doing a name gallery post like yours on my own blog that way I have a central place for them all. You've inspired me to do so! Now, actually getting around to making it is a different story! lol