Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank you

Today when my husband brought in the mail there was a package for me. It had a website for the sender. The website address is I opened the package and found the coolest necklace and poem inside. It was unsigned so I have no idea who or where it was from. The necklace is so pretty and has sparrows and beautiful teal beads on it. First, let me say Thank you to whoever you are. I love it. I havent had the strength yet to reveal why the name of my blog is the blue sparrow, but there is a meaning behind it. This necklace is so very thoughtful, thank you! The poem was handwritten and beautiful. Whoever you are took the time to put into words the dispair that only a parent of a lost child can understand. I hope that you are not apart of this club. I hope that you havent been where I am now. I wish that I could say thank you in person, but this is the only way I know how to say it. Thank you for thinking of me and taking the time, whoever you are. I hope it is okay that I share your poem with everyone because its too nice not to share. Here is the poem that I recieved today;

A tiny little miracle, our precious baby boy,
Who never made it into this world,
No life did he enjoy.
Yet in the months in which he grew,
Deep within your womb,
He touched us in a million ways,
Our love he helped renew.
He gace uss hope for new beginnings,
Whenever they may be,
He taught us how to love again,
and set our spirits free.
He showed us how to treat each day,
as if it were our last,
to keep the lord within our hearts,
and learn from all thats past.
We never had a moment,
to gaze into his eyes,
there were no warm hellos,
only heart broken good-byes.
The moments that we shared with him,
werent full of sorrow and dispair,
But joy that we so loved him,
and knew how much we care.
Even though he's gone now,
to be an angle for our lord,
He lives within our memories,
for now and ever more.

God Bless you whoever you are! My husband and I are deeply appreciative of
your thoughtfulness!