Friday, August 14, 2009

I gave birth to an Angel

I realized today that I gave birth to an Angel. How many of you out there can say the same. No, it doesnt make it any easier or bearable, but you have to find whatever comfort you can in whatever form you can. He may have been small but he was the biggest thing Ive ever done. I read that on another womans website and it is so fitting and true. He was perfect in every way and absolutley healthy. He would have been some lil man if he'd made it. Ty and I have agreed that while yes it would have been so much easier to loose him early on, but we never wouldnt have gotten a chance to see the miracle that we made. I wouldnt take it back for a second, I just wish I could change the outcome. He looked so much like the both of us. His creamy skin and head full of dark hair. I do not regret seeing and holding him. His little body against mine is a feeling that I will cherish forever.
May my little angel fly free and strong in heaven as he couldnt do here on earth. I Love you Bryston, mommy.