Monday, August 31, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I was given the Honest Scrap Award from Peytons mom over at Once a Mother. This award is given to blogs that write honestly and from the depth of their soul, according to her page anyway, lol! So thank you so much to Peyton's mommy for the recognition.

There are a couple of rules to accepting the award. Firstly is to pass the award on to 7 other bloggers, and secondly to list 10 honest and hopefully interesting things about yourself.

The following are blogs that I read and find comfort in the words and feelings written. All have walked or are just beginning their walk down the road of recovering from the loss of thier precious babies. Here are the 7 Blogs that I consider worthy of the award;

1. Ezra's Space (
2. Its Just Me (
3. Jasper, Forever Our Firstborn (
4. Letting Go and Letting God (
5. Missing You Always (
6. The Unlucky Lottery (
7. Beauty From Pain (

And now for the 10 honest and hopefully interesting things about myself;

1. I am a bugaphobe, if thats even a word, lol. I hate bugs. Any and all types. I cant stand seeing them. They creep me out to no end. I have made a fool out of myself many times trying to avoid them.

2. I am a closet geek. I love to read and I absolutely could not live without the Discovery or History Channels. I am mesmorized by the tv when these channels are on. Or I will read an entire weekend away and not feel like I missed any fun.

3. I first saw my husband on Labor Day 2005 at a Demolition Derby. He was in full firefighter gear working the derby. He walked by me and I took one look into those honest chocolate brown eyes and I was hooked. I knew that those eyes were what I wanted to look into for the rest of my life.

4. To me the best sound in the world is a babies laugh. The best smell is fresh cut grass. The best sight is a sunset over the ocean. The best sensation is my husbands breath on my neck. And the best feeling is laughter through tears.

5. I have 2 amazing older sisters. Each very different from each other and from me but also the same in their own ways. I admire and look up to both. I am blessed to be an Aunt to 3 nieces and 3 nephews.

6. I have a yellow lab named Daisy. Daisy Mae Duke to be exact, lol. That name is courtesy of my husband who is a major Dukes of Hazzard fan. I wasnt raised with animals so I wasnt too sure about having her, but she is so cuddly and smart that I couldnt give her up.

7. My husband and I are both astrological signs of Cancer, the crab. Its a water sign and ruled by the moon, so we are very emotional by nature and wear our hearts on our sleeves. Cancer signs love to nurture and take care of their partners. We are very traditional people.

8. I hate loud people and places. I cant think straight when Im in a loud enviorment and loud over the top people make me nervous. I'm not sure why that is. I have always prefered a calmer enviorment to an energetic one.

9. I have trouble sleeping since loosing Bryston. I just looked at the clock and it's now 4:23am and it feels like its 4pm to me. When I do sleep its a hard sleep. Once I am asleep I feel like I could sleep forever. I force myself out of bed. Then I have to force myself to go to bed that night. I dont dream like I use to anymore. And why I havent had a dream about him yet is strange and alarming to me.

10. My arms are doublejointed at the elbows. I cannot fully straighten them out when I extend my arms. I can put my hand on a table and twist my body around without picking my hand up. :D Gross, I know.

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 honest facts and I really hope even more that you will check out my nominees websites! God Bless!


Jane said...

Hi Jennifer,

Just having a look at your beautiful blog, after you became a follower of my Letters to Noah.
I noticed, we have a very, very similar tattoo in memory of our baby boys


Danielle said...

Thank you so much for the nomination. I will probably work on my 7 nominations and 10 facts tomorrow. I have a killer headache right now :(

Another weird "coincidence"... I too am double jointed in my arms and can turn my arm around like that as well. It totally freaks everyone out. I've never met anyone else that could do that!

I'm also having the same problems with my sleep behavior. My doctor gave me ambient to help me go to sleep. I take it when I'm super exhausted. I've had a 20 count prescription since Wyatt's birth three months ago, and still haven't used all the pills (I'm scared to become dependent). I limit myself.

Again, thanks for the nomination.

Cara said...

Jennifer - so very sorry for all that you have lost as you grieve Bryston.

What a beautiful boy...

He & Me + 3 said...

congrats on that award. I enjoyed reading and learning more about you. Thanks for sharing and being honest.

caitsmom said...

These were fun to read. I'm with you on the loud places. Congrats on the award. Peace.

Brandi said...

Congrats on the award. :) Very nice to know more about you.

HATE bugs here too. BIG, BIG one crawling on the wall of the bedroom the other night. . .

I seriously was going to sleep on the couch b/c by the time hubby got home it was "hiding" somewhere in the room and it gave me the creeps to think about sleeping in there with the GIANT bug. :P

I got lucky though and it appeared right after he got home and he took care of it!

Once A Mother said...

I can so relate to your number nine. I too find sleeping well to be impossible. I think it makes the grieving process that much harder on us. Thank you for sharing so many fun facts, and for your blog which I am obviously a fan of :) Most of all thank you for sharing your sweet Bryston with the rest of us.

Molly said...

Thank you so much for the nomination. I will try to work on my nominations and 10 things soon.

I'm so sorry that you and your husband don't have your sweet baby Bryston in your arms with you. This is a terrible journey but I have found much love and understanding in this community of blogs. I hope it also brings you some peace.

Melissa said...

Congrats to you Jennifer on this Award! said...

LOL at #10. My son is the same way.

Are you napping? If so, try to keep it to a minimum, it is easy to get days and nights backwards when you are grieving. (I hope my advice is not too forward. Ignore me if it doesn't feel like it applies to you-I hope I do not sound critical- I would never ever want to come across that way)


The Blue Sparrow said...

Your fine Julie. I go to bed at night and just lay there. Im just not tired and my mind races. So Im up most of the night. Some days I sleep for like 12-15hrs though. Its all messed up. I talked to my doctor about it yesterday and he called me in an Rx for anixiety and it seemed to help last night, but I had to take benadryl with that to feel tired. Either way I was alseep before 2am so thats a success in my book:)