Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Funny story

I know its not Not me Monday or true story Tuesday or anyday special but I just had to share this story with all of you, it is too funny! And it could only happen in small town Iowa, of coarse!

Yesterday afternoon my sister and her kids, who are home for a month from Alabama visiting, were going for a drive to kill time. (I know this is another small town Iowa thing we do, lol!) As we turned down mainstreet we see a gentleman in a wheelchair sitting in the middle of the road. Uh hello, danger alert! So my sister and I stop to see if the man needs any help, thinking maybe the battery on his electric wheelchair died or something.

Okay, first I would never make fun of a handicapped persons as I earn my living caring for them. I just wanted to make that clear before I move on. But he started it, lol!

So I roll down the window and ask, "Sir do need any help?" Which he replyed, "No Im just stopped to scratch my ear for a minute." I say, "Oh, okay well you may want to move over a bit since your in the middle of the road." Now this is where it gets funny.

My sister and I are in a minivan filled with screaming kids. We are 2 married ladies and I am very obviously pregnant. So he turns to us and says, "Boy you two have pretty smiles." We both say "Thank you" and then he says to me "Hey! I been looking for a girl like you! You know, I Can walk. Im just too lazy not too."

What!?! Is he serious? Ahaha! Um, e's half my age senior and as I mentioned, hello were in a car full of kids and Im 6 months pregnant! What is it about me you've been looking for?! LOL!

My sister and I drove off laughing in tears! She was laughing so hard she had to pull the van over as she couldnt see! Im sorry but this is funny and I dont care who you are!


Foursons said...

That is funny. I love old perverted men! Ha ha ha!