Monday, May 11, 2009

First Not Me Monday

This is my first try at a Not Me Monday, so bear with me, lol! I don't have kids yet so my life isn't nearly as exciting as the rest of yours, but I am experiencing pregnancy for the first time, and there are a few comical adventures there in itself!

So a week ago, while speaking to my mother about how much I was starting to show, I happened to lift up my shirt to show her my growing belly. So okay, I know pregnancy does weird things to your body, but C'mon! I soo Did Not freak out at my newly hairy belly! I do not all of a sudden now have a dark line of hair trailing just below my belly button that was never there before because that would just be gross!

While shopping at the mall on Saturday I soo Did Not cut in front of a 5 year old for the first open bathroom stall because that would just be wrong! I so didn't think that her having an accident in public might get a little more sympathy than a pregnant lady. I am so much more mature than that!

And I in no way would start to cry over diaper commercials. Nope, not me! I am so not an emotional wreck right now either! I would never watch these commercials and go from thinking how cute the babies were to panicking that in the near future I will be responsible for the well being of one! No way, because being 5 months pregnant, I would have realized that by now!

Oh, and in the near future we will be beginging our bathroom remodel. So when my husband warned me that when they start I may have to use the restroom in a 5 gallon bucket, I soo did not start to tear up and threaten to either take away his wii or make him foot the bill for a motel room. No Way did I do that, because I am not the selfish either! Okay, well yeah maybe for a toilet I may be, lol! If I am willing to cut in line in front of a child yes, I think I may be on this one! :-)

I gave it a go, lol! I hope you enjoyed my first Not Me Monday!


ღJessicaღ said...

That is too funny and perfectly normal for you. That would be something you would do even if you weren't prego! Come on! Just admit it!! =)

Momma 2B said...

Which thing is normal for me? The cutting in line at the restroom? Or the threatening ty thing? Lol!

Jennifer said...

Hey Jen!
Welcome to the blog world. You're gonna love it. How did you find mine?

Momma 2B said...

Thanks Jennifer! I found yours through mckmama's site. Loved your page, it's too cute!