Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines & Updates

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted or commented on your blogs! Things with school, work and just life in general have been super crazy! I feel so out of the loop, LOL!

Let's see....About a week ago a friend of mine had her first grandchild so I went to the hospital with her to see the little cutie pie. As I walked into the room I went directly into the restroom to wash my hands before holding him. The minute I entered the bathroom I realized, this is the exact room they put me in the night we found out Bryston was gone. I didn't say anything. I wasn't even sure what to feel. I guess I'm still surprised that there are still "first" to go through after 18 months. I didn't really let myself think about it until I left to go home. It just brought back all those awful memories of that night. But surprisingly, I handled it alot better than I have in the past with other "firsts."

My husband has taken up photography, and this is what he made for her grandchild. I think it turned out really well. He's already got a couple of other requests coming in because of this one. (Can you tell, I'm not proud or anything LOL! ;p)

This past week has been kind of tough too. My Grandma is in the hospital and not doing very well. Her prognoses isn't good at all. We're at the point of just praying for her to pass easily & quickly. And to make matters worse, they've just put my Uncle in hospice care. Ugh...not a great week at all! When it rains it pours or so they say.

Today is Valentines Day so Happy Valentines!!! Ty and I arent real big on celebrating small holiday's like this one or even really anniversaries so for us, today is just another day. But I do know that a lot of people out there love this holiday so for you, I wish you a very special day & hope you get everything you need & deserve. Lots of Love to you all!!!

In the Grip of His Grace,


Shandrea said...

Sorry about your grandma and uncle. Sending you lots of love and hugs.
Thanks for the funnies. I needed that laugh.

Melissa said...

Hope you had an ok Valentines Day. Prayers for you and your family!
Loved the funnies!

Julie said...

hi friend!

I think of you often and pray that you are doing well.

School must be keeping you so very busy! It is so awesome that you are going to be a nurse :)

Take care of you...


Julie said...

oops...not sure if I am signed in to my, last comment was from wifemomnurse julie

Holly said...

Just thinking of you..