Thursday, February 17, 2011

Damn It Eve!

Life just sucks sometimes, ya know? (Don't worry, everything with me is fine) I'm just so tired of seeing so many hurt & broken people everyday. Why does life have to be so hard? Do you ever just curse Eve in the back of your mind when life goes to the pot just because you know none of this would be happening if she hadn't taken that stupid apple? LOL! I'm joking, well kind of... :)

Stub your toe, Damn it Eve! Lose you job, Damn it Eve! ;p

Then life gets really hard & complicated and yes, I suppose technically she is to blame. But when things get really bad & you're left to just watch helplessly as people struggle through life, it's not so easy to blame her anymore. We live in a fallen world. That's it, bottom line. Things are always going to be screwed up here. Humans will always have trouble and will always have struggles until the next perfect life.


I just wish it wasn't so hard. And back to my original point.....DAMN IT EVE!!! ;P


Caroline said...

So true , Great post.

ღJessicaღ said...

I definitely agree! It's always the good people who pay the price while the evil people get all the good. But one day! One day they will stand infront of Jesus Christ on judgement day!! :c) you can't tell I am angry can you? ;)

paula said...

saw a bumper sticker read "eve was framed"

My life said...

This made me chuckle, and yes it's so true.

I am having a damn it Eve kind of week. My car was robbed and I can't help but feel like if we didn't live in such an awful world where people have no consideration for others it would all be pointless, but I'm looking forward to the next part too :)

i once heard it said

you cannot know mercy without suffering
you cannot know grace without brokenness

and there is one more about justice but I can't remember it right now.

I guess the point was, these are gifts from God that we would never know without living in a fallen world. Doesn't make it easy, and at times very unfair. Especially with the why do bad things happen to good people thing. I know that I am the person who goes back into a store to pay for something I accidently walked out with in my shopping cart, and return a walllet left sitting out in plain view, and I have my car robbed. Doesn't make sense but God works all things together for good and so I'm looking at the positives in it. The thieves used my credit cards and are on surveillance so they have been caught and justice will be served. I wish it hadn't happened the whole ordeal just sucks but I have been able to teach my children (who were also robbed) about forgiveness at 4 and 6 years old. And so when my 6 year old asks me why God let the bad guys steal from them, I have to tell them that sometimes God lets bad things happen so that a greater good can be served. For those who may not know Him. So instead they are now praying for the men who stole from them. Sorry to ramble.

Anyways, there are days where I just say Damn you Eve also :)

but then I remember that it's all about grace.

Oh and my Word verification is ( ghabless ) God Bless!

Holly said...

I so wish that life wasn't so hard sometimes for so many people.