Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A special delivery

I just got this in the mail a few minutes ago. It's from my niece Rylee who is 3 years old. She is such a sweetie! My sister, Jess, told me that she found Rylee drawing at the kitchen table all by herself the other day. This is the conversation that followed;

Jess: Me: What'cha drawing there babe?

Rylee: I am not babe. I am Sugar Plum.

Jess: You're right. What'cha drawing there Sugar Plum?

Rylee: I am drawing balloons for baby Bryston.

Jess: That's nice, Rylee.

Rylee: We could hang my picture on the fridge and a bird will fly by and take it to her. Ty will like it.

Rylee: What are we going to get Bryston for Christmas Mama?

Jess: Remember, Bryston's is in heaven babe.

Rylee: Yea but we could send him some more balloons to heaven.

Jess: Bryston all ready has the best gift of us all Ry.

Rylee: Yea, cause he has Jesus...

My sister wrote; "(Jenn-Somewhere in the mail lies Rylee's picture. I didn't want to wait for a bird to deliver it to you, but I thought maybe you would want it. Somewhere in this picture is a bird, sun, balloons, angel and a movie. I am not sure what kind of movie but she insist it is in there. If you can find all of these things in her picture you are a better person then I! LOL. The kids talk about Baby BRD all the time.)"

A week or so before that Jess and her husband took the kids out to Red Robin for supper. The restaurant gives each of the kids a balloon after their meal. As they are waking out Jess's oldest, Jaydn walks outside and says, "Bryston needs another balloon," and lets his float up to Heaven for Bryston. And that's not even it, the last time they were home to visit Jaydn had gotten a bag of those animal shaped rubber bands that are so popular now. All on his own he dug out the bird shaped rubber band to give to me! When he handed it to me Jess says; "He's been saving that for you and was so excited to give it to you!" The kindness of her children melts my heart and I'll never be able to explain how good it feels that even though they never got to meet their cousin that they still include him in their lives. As I write this I have tears but not of sorrow, of joy. Joy that my sweet Angel has wonderful cousins who love and remember him!

I forgot to mention my oldest sister Michelle! Sorry Shell! She and her 2 little one's brought me the prettiest 2 blue sparrow ordaments for Bryston's tree! They make such a pretty addition and the lights sparkle off thier little wings! Thank you Michelle, Jason, Kaylee, & Connor!


Lisette said...

Your niece and nephew are too sweet, bless them. I love how kids are not afraid to "forget" or mention our babes in heaven.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are so sweet. What a nice post.

Laura said...

From the mouths of babes! There is something so innocent and sweet and pure here! I used to feel badly that my children know about babies being in heaven- but then it is moments like these that remind me that that too is a gift!
Thank you for sharing this!

Caroline said...

So special , children are amazing.

Holly said...

I love how children remember. So sweet and with such innocence!

wife.mom.nurse said...

What darling children...generous little hearts! How they love their cousin Bryston.

I LOVE this post.

Hope your Christmas was lovely :)