Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Award

I recently received the Happy 101 Award, Yay! Thank you April! Awards are so much fun and they give me a break from posting on the sad stuff all the time. This one is super fun since you get to think about the happier things in life!

The rules of this award are:
1. copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. list who gave the award to you and use a link to her/his blog (or hyperlink).
3. list 10 things that make you happy.
4. pass the award on to other bloggers

Okay, ten things that make me happy are;

1. Sleeping in, LOL! If you know me IRL then you are well aware that I need my sleep or I just do not function normally. Waking me up early is BAD, just bad so please do not attempt this without proper head gear and medical professionals! :)

2. My Family. I have by far one of best most loving and supportive families out there. I shudder to think of the type of person I might have turned into without them by my side guiding and encouraging me. And this includes my husband. Ty is more than I could have ever dreamed of in a husband, enough said LOL!

3. Good Books. Reading is my favorite pastime. I have a ton of books and they are not even close to being enough. I have read and re-read most of them at least 3 times. Books stores are my biggest shopping weakness next to shoes.

4. Food, Food, and more Food. I have a healthy appetite and I am a very typical corn fed Iowan girl. Pass the meat and potatoes my way and I am a happy girl. The running joke around our house at family dinners is that I will go last in line because there wouldn't be enough left for anyone else if I went first, LOL! (They are right:)

5. Long evening walks. Either alone with my ipod and thoughts or with my Mom. I walk alot and I love being outdoors when the weather permits.

6. Sparrow visits. It never fails to put a smile on my face each time I get one. They are so special to me. My little messages from Bryston brighten any day no matter how bad its been.

7. Massages. Need I say more?

8. Shopping for just about anything puts me in a good mood. When you find that great fitting pair of jeans or find that amazing purse you've been coveting for ages, well there is just no better feeling in my book, LOL!

9. Doing something nice for someone else. I think my favorite time of year is Christmas for this. My family and I anonymously choose a family or person in need and find a way of getting them special gifts, food or even money. Knowing that they have no one to thank but God lifts my spirits each time!

10. Watching movies. I love love love going to the movies! But I also enjoy renting and spending a lazy night cuddled up with Ty watching the latest releases.

Okay well there you have my 10 things, now its time to nominate 7 others!

1. Seraphim @ Ah, the possibilities.
2. Jen @ Attemting to love life without her.
3. Celia @ Beauty From Pain
4. Destiny @ Daddy's Dream~Mommy's Miracle
5. Megan @ Graceful Willows
6. Katy @ In Hannah's Honor
7. Danielle @ Letting Go and Letting God

Well that was fun! I cant wait to see all of your happy things! God Bless!


Jill said...

You just made me want a massage! :)

Holly said...

Congrats!! I like good books too! It's nice to let your mind get away. Ahhh...massage.

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klarsen said...

Thank you so much! xxx

Jen said...

a massage sounds heavenly..it has been too long.. :) and thank you.. I will repost in just a bit!

Anonymous said...

It's great!!.............................................