Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True Story Tuesday

Ready for True Story Tuesday? It's a chance to give us the whole story of what really happened on that Not Me Monday. Or to share what seems too amazing/outrageous/miraculous/hilarious to have happened in real life.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post but things have been crazy around here since our Memorial Day trip to Alabama to see my sister and her family. We had a blast!

Okay, so lets get started with todays true story. Today will be on the serious side of things but still worth sharing. We've all had those goosebump moments in our lives that leave us scratching our heads and asking, Did that really happen? Well this one belongs to my beautiful mother.

My mom was raised in a large family, ten kids to be exact. They grew up really poor and had pretty much nothing but each other. They were pretty close siblings, some closer than others, but you get the drift. I'm not sure of the exact year that my Aunt Fanny died, but I was around 12 or 13 I believe. Fanny died really suddenly and my mom took it really hard.

One day my mom was at the library and she was still having a pretty hard time with her passing and not knowing where she stood with the lord. So my mom said a little prayer asking God to give her a sign to let her know that Fanny was alright and that she had made it safely. Then she went on her way, checking out a book and then running errands. When my mom finally sat down to read the book she had checked out she couldn't hardly believe it. Not only was the main characters name Fanny but it was about her making it home safely!!!

Okay, strange enough, but heres the next neat part. After Fanny died, my moms mom, passed to and then my Aunt Alice got really sick. We knew it was coming but my mom was still having a hard time with it. So my mom prayed that God would let Fanny and her mom be there to guide Alice home. A few days before Alice passed my mom had a dream about an old time convertable and in the car was her mom and Fanny young as can be, laughing and having a good time. And in the back seat there sat my Aunt Alice. It wasn't much but it brought my mom peace when she needed it.
Some of you may say it was all a conincidience, but I'm choosing to believe it was God answering her prayers.

God Bless you all today and May God always bring you comfort!


Pam said...

WOW!!!!! I got goosebumps just reading that story!!! That is awesome!!! God is always there to comfort us in our times of need that is for sure :) Thank you so much for sharing that story!!

ღJessicaღ said...

Oh yea! Mom was just telling me these storys again just a few weeks ago. It is neat. I remember mom asking the Lord for an answer that grandma made it home and sure enough..it came in the form of a dream I had. It was neat and I will never forget it. God has a way of answering our prayers in the ways He knows we will accept them. =)

Rachel said...

God really cares about the little things - so glad He gave comfort to your family.

Thanks for joining in with True Story Tuesday and have a great weekend!