Monday, June 8, 2009

Manic Monday Survey

Because I'm bored, that's why, lol!

I think like $1.25 but I'm not sure. Too long

I graduated in 2000

Of coarse! CCR, The Doors, Lynard Skynard, Steve Miller Band, and Joe Walsh

It was either to the movies or to the skating rink. We didnt really go on official dates, we hung out.

Oh yeah, white with pink wheels and laces!

Yes, but I never had any.

Sadly yes


Not on purpose, lol!

Like every recess!

Yeah, occassionally

Yup, we played it all the time in p.e.

You know, I dont think I have.

In the 6th grade. I didnt like her at all at first and then she grew on me and now we are still best friends to this day!

No, I never learned!

Chocolate of coarse!

Spaghetti or fried chicken. The same as it still is, lol!

Mario Brothers! We just got the original for our Wii, and it's still fun as ever!

15 years old. My parents got me a red sunbird. You could hear me coming a mile away!

My first job was party plus. I can still make balloon bouquets till this day!


Yes, who hasnt! Yummy!

I dont remember

No, I dont even know who that is.

No, the first time I went to chuck-e-cheese I was like 7 or 8

The Timber-wolf at worlds of fun, scared the crap outa me! I do like rollercoasers tho!

Probably at a cousins house. If not, the first friend sleepover that I can remember was at my friend Jenny's house.

The octopus or the faris wheel

Hot dogs and funnel cakes! Oh and dont forget the cotton candy!

Maroon and White

Not long, lol, I never was that coordinated!

Yeah when I was really little

No, but I begged and begged for one!

Never rode the bus, we lived in town.

Barbies, popples, and my little ponies!

Vaugely, but I bet my sister could sing it word for word!

Having the bill paid, meals made, and family vacations!

Probably Greg. I believe we met in kindegarden.

Probably pretty close to every episode!

Oh yes! No roseanne, no simpsons, and no mtv!

I dont think so, but I dont think it was an issue. We played outside alot.

We were allowed a snack after school, whatever that may be.


ღJessicaღ said...

poochie? i seriously don't remember that!~ i would of said CooCoo. That's the only pet I remember besides our dog chester. lol.

Momma 2B said...

Poochie! How can you not remember poochie! He was the little yellow dog that we have a pic of in sunglasses on that old pink chair. Remember? And right after him we had Lady the one that looked like Lassie, you remember her?

Sarah said...

Ok...totally off the topic...Have you thought of a name yet...because I did! I like Nash, or Cullen...I have more - dont worry (Finn, Blaine) would think I was having a baby

Momma 2B said...

We have a list of possibilities but we still havent agree on picking just one yet. I asked him about cullen, finn, and blaine a few weeks ago bc I thought they were adorable but he said no, imagine that!