Monday, May 18, 2009

Pink or Blue?

Today we had our 19 week visit with Dr. Wyatt. It was pretty much a blur up until the ultrasound since we've been waiting very unpatiently since our 15 week visit to find out if we would be buying pink or blue. My husband and I have been debating about this issue now for awhile. Well, we found out today what we will be having! Drumroll please!
Its a boy! I was in shock when the doctor said so, because I have been convinced that this would be a girl. I was so sure of it! Oh well, I guess we'll trade in the ribbons and lace for bugs and snakes, lol!
Now let the name battle begin! Lol! We cant seem to agree on boy names so far so we're gunna have to buckle down and pick some options! Any suggestions out there? Our doctor is Dr. Wyatt and wants us to name the baby Wyatt. He even typed "I like the name Wyatt" on the second ultrasound shot, lol!
I'm off to Dairy Queen per my doctors orders! Unbeliveably he said I've only gained 3 pounds and he wants me to gain some more. I dont get it, I feel like Im all belly. But who am I to argue with doctors orders of lots of ice cream and yummy treats! LOL, I think I can handle this one!
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ღJessicaღ said...

haha! that's funny!

I so thought you were having a girl this hole time! :) But boys are fun too and alot less expensive! Can you just see a mini Ty running around your house?! How adorable. I can't wait to meet him. I am so excited now I can buy some blue too!

I love the name Wyatt! I think its so cute! Did Ty like it?

I also love the name Jaxon! Love it.

Momma 2B said...

Wyatt is on our list of possibilities. I love Jaxon but he won't go for it. We have so few name possibilites here, we need help or our baby will be named that kid, lol!

Sarah said...

I am sooo happy for you two! You are talking to the name guru (is that how you spell it?) JD and I could never agree on names either...
I love Hudson (call him Hud), Cambry (shorten to Cam), Grayson, Cayden, and I like simple like Ben, Charlie..I am baised towards Jaxon too...we call our Jackson Jax. What is Ty's middle name? You could do the middle name Terry...I like last names as firsts too (Anderson, look in the phonebook at last names!)..I am so excited for playdates!

Sarah said...

Jenn, I lost weight until my 3rd trimester...and then I gained 15 lbs in like 3 weeks - who hoo!! It was grand!